Present Moment Awareness: A Foundation to Peak Performance

Oct 03, 2023

In the quest for peak performance, whether it be sport, arts, or business, people are often seeking out the best tools, techniques, and strategies. Yet at the heart of every truly outstanding performance lies an ability that is both profound and simple: present moment awareness. From speaking to clients and studying high performers in different fields.. i observed time and again how the power of being "in the now" serves as a cornerstone to excellence. Here’s why.


1. Enhanced Cognitive Clarity and Decision Making

When the mind is centered in the present, it is free from the distractions of past regrets or anxieties about the future. This clarity can lead to more efficient decision making. A mind that is focused and free from distractions can better utilise the prefrontal cortex - the brain's centre for logical reasoning and executive function.


2. Improved Emotional Regulation

Being aware of our thoughts and emotions as they arise allows us to recognise and address them, rather than being unconsciously driven by them. This emotional intelligence can be credited to the amygdala, a region in our brain associated with emotions. When we are present, we can detect potential emotional triggers early and use strategies to regulate them. (I will cover this emotional regulations strategy in the blog article - “The G.A.P. of Choice”)


3. Quality Interaction

By being present during interactions, we can truly listen, respond authentically, and build stronger connections with others. This leads to more effective teamwork, better interpersonal relationships, and a higher degree of empathy.


4. Mindful Consumption

Awareness of the present moment extends to our consumption habits. When we are present, we become more attuned to the needs of our body, selecting ingredients and foods that nourish us and rejecting those that don't serve our well being.


5. Effective Time Management

By engaging fully with the task at hand we can achieve a state of "flow", a term coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In this state, time seems to fly by, and we can accomplish tasks with a higher degree of efficiency and creativity.


6. Positive Outlook

Engaging in the present moment fosters a greater appreciation for life's experiences. This can lead to a more optimistic outlook, which has been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced stress and increased lifespan.


7. Optimal Physical Performance

By cultivating presence, we heighten our ability for interoception – the conscious perception of sensations from inside our body. This deepened sense allows us to be attuned to our internal state, from the rhythm of our heartbeat to the subtlest muscular twinge.

Such acute awareness doesn't just serve as an early warning system for potential discomfort or injury. It actively promotes deep embodiment, where our consciousness is not just centered in our minds, but through our entire physical being. This “total” awareness, where the mind and body work together seamlessly, is a critical trigger for the flow state.

When in flow, athletes often describe a sense of timelessness, where their movements seem both instinctual and perfectly calculated. This isn't mere chance. Deep embodiment, cultivated through present moment awareness and interoception, enables them to intuitively respond to changing conditions, anticipate challenges and execute complex manoeuvres without the need for conscious thought. They're not just "in the zone"—they are one with it.


Presence - is the second element of in “The OPTIMISE Method’s” octagon. The ability to engage in the present moment is a scientifically backed approach to achieving peak performance in every aspect of life. By cultivating this skill you can tap into your deepest reservoirs of potential, leading to both personal and professional excellence. The journey to peak performance starts with a single breath, a single moment, and a single choice to be truly present.

Stay tuned for our module on Presence, where we discuss “The Awareness Generator”. A practice to rapidly engage in presence.


Keep it Kalibre,

Magnus Cliff

Co-Founder Kalibre Academy



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